16 January 2018

WEDGWOOD, not your Grandmother's Porcelain

A new book—WEDGWOOD A Story of Creation & Innovation, by Gaye Blake-Roberts Curator of the Wedgwood Museum in Barlaston, Stoke-on-Trent, is masterfully laid out, designed, photographed, & styled. Blake-Roberts with her collaborators has breathed new life into your grandmother's Wedgwood.

With more and more throwaway design, the artistry of Wedgwood is a treasure, as is the book. It's beautiful.

I've long found the dusty colors of WEDGWOOD magical. Josiah Wedgwood's 5000 trials between the years of 1772 to 1774, are a testament to his determination to perfect his Jasper production.

 trays of Jasper Trials (below)

The book's section with pages from the Wedgwood pattern books, catalogs, and archives is a study in the illustrations of the pieces proposed and the abundance of creative minds that designed Wedgwood.

 the Fairyland Lustre Pattern Book, c 1915

 one of Wedgwood's 26 "JAPAN" patterns, c 1815.

Two designs for a Toilet Ewer in the Cornflower and Strawberry patterns, c, 1917.

A Wedgwood centerpiece bowl in detail— with blue jasper overlayed in a white and yellow strapwork basketweave pattern. The full-blown bowl, c 1790, appears to echo the elaborate nature of the Prince Regent's Brighton Pavilion that was being built in 1787.

Having just returned from Hillwood, Marjorie Merriweather Post's Washington D.C. estate with her extensive (is it 1700 pieces?), I have a greater appreciation for the intricacies and artistry of porcelain, and the book WEDGWOOD is a porcelain lover's dream—book.

14 January 2018

Everything you wanted to know about—David Hicks

David Hicks left the very best of legacies—two of his children are carving out their creative lanes individually and together by presenting their colorful father's copious scrapbooks in a new book—DAVID HICKS SCRAPBOOKS.

More than any biography, these scrapbooks give Hicks devotees an inside look at what made the man tick—and keep on ticking. India Hicks and Ashley Hicks are both powerhouses, expanding the boundaries of their father's design lexicon in their own endeavors.

the Hicks alphabet above, below the family's luggage tags



If you are a fan–and HICKS is one of these "modernists" that has endured, and will continue to do so. It's his ability to mingle the old, the antique, the ancient with color, geometry, masculinity (& without a hunt scene in sight) that has made his work Endure.

The book is a Chronology in HICKSIAN BEAUTY & STYLE in 1 weighty tome.

07 January 2018

just past Twelfth Night

"In the New Year, may your right hand always be stretched out in friendship and never in want."

To thank everyone for their grand support of my book this year—it means the world that you've stuck with me since the inception of this blog New Year's Eve, 2007. Though I am not here as often as I should be or would wish— thank you too for continuing to check in on occasion. I manage a post—albeit most often a brief one every day on instagram. Find me there if you'd like here , and continue to see what's what on my website this year. There are several things in the works this winter so check Press, Events, and a new aspect of the site that I am just beginning to set up, CACHE, a collection of objects for sale, here.

 ( Allan Ramsay portrait of Lady Susanna Campbell in detail)


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